Ultimate Oil and Gas is the oil and gas products trading subsidiary of Ultimate Group - a name associated with excellence throughout the MEASA region

Onshore Trading

We leverage our vast logistics networks, which includes storage warehouses and distribution links, to streamline and simplify product transportation.

We add value across the supply chain through our innovative finance solutions. These include offering product financing by providing various payment methods like bank guarantees, avalized drafts, and payment in numerous currencies

Some of our major clients include electric utilities, refineries, and major private and national oil companies across Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Ultimate Oil & Gas Gambia

    A Gambian registered oil and gas import, storage and export company. Products are stored in secure storage facilities at Gam Petrol in Madinari. Ultimate Oil and Gas Gambia imports gas oil, gasoline, jet A1, and fuel oil into Gambia.

  • Ultimate Oil & Gas Senegal

    A Senegalese registered oil and gas company that imports, stores, sells and exports petroleum products.

  • Ultimate Oil & Gas Mali

    A Malian registered oil and gas company that services the downstream oil and gas industry by consolidating and facilitating high quality import fuels for large importers, retail outlet owners, and mines and power companies, sustainably and competitively.

  • Ultimate Oil & Gas Ivory Coast Limited SA

    An oil and gas company that deals in exports and caters to the local market.

  • National Oil & Gas Company of Liberia Limited

    A local oil and gas company that imports, stores and distributes petroleum products within Liberia.

  • Rahamaniyya Oil and Gas Ltd

    Founded in October 2003 as an onshore oil trading business, the Rahamaniyya Group’s specific focus is on the Nigerian market, and to become a leader in the downstream sector in the region.