The Executive Management team is responsible for overseeing Ultimate Oil & Gas’ operational and business development activities


Alhaji Abdulrahman Musa Bashar


Alhaji Bashar is Chairman of Ultimate Oil and Gas DMCC where he oversees the implementation of the corporate strategy and manages strategic partnerships in Africa and the Middle east. He also acts in the capacity of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Rahamaniyya Group of Companies, Nigeria A natural leader and driven entrepreneur, Alhaji is an erudite manager of what he considers an organization’s greatest asset, its staff. By investing in the human capital of Rahamaniyya and Ultimate, Alhaji has actualized his vision of an international reputation in trading, supplying, and distributing African crude and oil products. His dream was to build a team of global managers that bring international oil and gas expertise to the rapidly emerging African markets. Through Rahamaniyya group, Alhaji now directs a diversified conglomerate consisting of business outfits operating in various sectors of the economy across Africa, Europe, South Asia, and the Middle east: making the most of his vast experience in oil and gas exploration, marketing, distribution of petroleum products and haulage.

Kanwar Ratra

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kanwar Ratra leads the strategic development of Ultimate Oil & Gas. Ratra has played an instrumental role in Ultimate Oil & Gas’ success since its foundation in 2016. Ratra brings over 20 years of deep expertise and understanding of the oil and gas industry. His experience spans all functions including strategy and business planning, business development, governance, risk management and controls, human capital management, trading, trade finance, operations and financial management. Kanwar has worked in leading organizations across the globe, both in private and public sector. Prior to joining Ultimate Oil & Gas, Ratra served as President of Galana Petroleum, where he successfully implemented a business transformation program that saw the company transform from a pure CFR trader to a major supplier of oil products in African, South East Asia and Indian subcontinent regions. He was also President of Nimex Petroleum, where he successfully diversified the company’s geographical and product reach.