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Ultimate Oil & Gas is an Offshore trading arm of Rahamaniyya Group. Ultimate Oil & Gas is a full-fledged oil and gas trading company with an array of expertise in trading, operations, trade finance, chartering, and risk management. We are able to expertly leverage our strategic location and vast network of partners to offer solutions that streamline and add value across the supply chain.

Ultimate is strategically located in Dubai’s, premier free zone for commodity trading –Dubai Multi Commodities Center. “We have our finger on the pulse”

Our Services


Ultimate Oil and Gas maintains three distinct operational divisions dedicated to servicing client needs from end to end, from sourcing, shipping, and trading

Chartering Operations

Chartering is responsible for fixing spot charters, time charters and COA.Marine operation is responsible for post fixture operations for all vessels

Marine Operations

The marine operation division is also responsible for prefecture evaluation of suitability of chartering in vessels interims of stowage, consumptions, trading areas

Cargo Operations

Cargo operations is responsible for all activities connected with cargo and interaction with the suppliers and buyers as well as inspectors.

Our Products


The trading team is highly skilled in terms of market knowledge for procurement as well as local knowledge of the market for sales across various areas.


We trade different grades and different packaging of bitumen. Our product range includes 30/40, 60/70, 80/100 amongst others. We deal in bulk, flexi bags, bitutainers etc.

Fuel Oil

Fuel oil is the primary propellant in the marine vessels that pump goods into all the worlds markets. Aside from providing bunker fuel and solutions to ships, we trade in large quantities of fuel oil.

Gas Oil

Ultimate Oil and Gas is a known trader, supplier, and distributor of gas oil throughout our network of African, European, and South Asian partners. We carry gas oil from 10ppm to 1% sulfur. Gas oil ha

Jet Fuel

Jet fuel is a middle distillate, or a byproduct of refined crude oil, situated between the lighter and heavier crude oil factions. As its name suggests, it is used primarily to power jet engines. With


Ultimate Oil and Gas provides energy suppliers the products they need for their markets. Kerosene is used widely throughout Africa, South Asia, and South America as a way heating of heating homes, pow


Gasoline is the driving force that powers development and commerce throughout the world. Ultimate Oil and Gas supplies West African gasoline from RON 92, to RON 95. We provide competitive prices, coup


Liquefied Petroleum Gas, or LPG, is an essential component of the energy needs for countries struggling to reduce their carbon emissions as it is a much cleaner burning fuel. Used as fuel in heating a

Crude Oil

Crude oil is the lifeblood of developing and developed nations alike. At Ultimate Oil & Gas, we source West African crude from national oil companies and crude equity holders. We provide crude from Ni

In today’s uncertain economic climate where market volatility can rapidly destroy value,Ultimate Oil and Gas runs a full risk managed trading book. The key focus is to preserve stability and certainty for its clients.

Trade Finance

For all trading activities, Ultimate Oil and Gas has a specialized Trade Finance team that provides quality response to the financing requirements of the group and its customers. The Trade Finance Team is involved at the earliest stage of all our trading and operational activities, as well as strategic projects embarked upon by the group. Along with the years of experience, in trading comes robust banking relationships with major international banks. These relationships have strengthened the company’s reputation, supporting a robust business model built on ensuring sensible and equitable risk sharing between its esteemed customers and the company


Ultimate Oil and Gas is a responsible corporate citizen. For the group, this means respecting its customers, suppliers and partners and all the communities in which it operate. The group’s social responsibility objectives are designed to develop and maintain a sustainable position when exposed to social, economic and environmental issues.

Our Locations

Ultimate is located at the focal points of Global Oil and Gas Trade to combine African markets with international expertise

  • Dubai UAE- At the center of the Oil and Gas industry, Ultimate is headquartered with access to global supply chains and shipping routes.